Elizabeth Reed Artists Statement


“Realize that everything connects to everything else,” Leonardo da Vinci.

My paintings and drawings capture the spirit of people and places. I work from life so I can experience the momentary impressions of light and gesture. I want you to be present in my landscapes and know the person in my portraits.

My oil paintings and drawings connect our diverse community to our environment. People are like color. Opposites become more interesting when they blend into enchanting neutrals. Our experiences are relative to who we are and where we come from. Art can influence society by challenging our opinions and translating our experiences.

South Florida is unique. A pattern of international culture built on a fragile ecosystem. We sculpted this landscape. The water, weather, and way of life attract people from all over the globe. These people and this place are my color palette.

Elizabeth Reed painting in The Everglades
Practicing for Nyeopi in Bali

"Art hurts,

art urges voyages,

and it is easier to stay home."

Gwendolyn Brooks



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