Santa’s Big Move

Ken Marc, Jack Gillig, and Darrell House wrote Santa’s Big Move. Jack Gillig conceived the idea, Ken Marc edited and produced the book, and Darrell House, a seasoned author, inspired the writing of the book. Darrell has earned numerous awards, including the Parent’s Choice Gold. When Elizabeth Reed became involved with the Santa’s Big Move project, all the pieces fell into place.

The middle-grade reader is humorous and entertaining, and several illustrators submitted ideas, but none jumped off the page like the samples from Elizabeth Reed. Her visions brought the tale to life in unexpected ways and enhanced the storytelling.


From Ken Marc

A friend of mine, who’s very much into art and knowing my penchant for photographic pictures, suggested I take a look at some of the paintings by Elizabeth. I immediately fell in love with her artwork. I especially fell in love with her landscapes.

A photograph can capture the beauty of a place; however, a magnificent painting can capture the soul, the heart, of the place. Her landscapes will take you to this beautiful place in very different ways a photograph cannot match. I strongly recommend spending some time perusing the gallery of Elizabeth’s very varied art. I firmly believe you will enjoy every minute of your foray through the gallery of her paintings… I did

Ken Marc, Jack Gillig, and Darrell House

Santa's Big Move, Illustrations for Young Adult Book

“In 2017 I married a woman very much adored by her father.  I knew it was difficult for him to let her go and I needed to express some degree of understanding in that regard.  I decided to commission my first painting as a gift to her parents and went straight to Elizabeth.  She had never met my bride.  Yet  through pictures, a brief autobiography I wrote and some great conversation, Elizabeth was able to capture her for who she is. Her strengths shine in the portrait, as does her fragility.”
Forever Grateful and Inspired,
Gage Parrot

“Elizabeth Reed, aka Libby, is an artist beyond compare. Her compositions are intricate, her methods are her own and the resulting art is exquisite.

The breadth of Libby’s mediums and techniques complement the depth of her art. Libby is inspired by nature, people, society and her inner drive, desire and insights.

She tackles our most difficult societal issues (school shootings, climate change, inequity) with depth of understanding and passion. Her portraits are as compelling as her landscapes, her pencil drawings as inclusive-intense as her oil paintings.

Libby does not stand still always seeking, admiring and implementing new techniques and points of view. She is stirred from within and her passion for artistic representation of emotion and reality pours from her in her own unique, deep way in oil, pencil, charcoal and metal point.

Libby is a natural artist always seeking to learn and try more. Her talent matches her enthusiasm and willingness to dig down. Luckily for the rest of us Libby lives, thinks and creates. Our world is better for it.”

Dr. Amanda Miles

“I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had the privilege of being under the mentorship of Elizabeth Reed, or Libby as I like to call her. Libby is my first and most influential mentor. She was the catalyst to my artistic development; her offering me such a comprehensive knowledge of art and design has been instrumental in my growth and development as an artist. Being her student meant many afternoons spent in intense instruction. But perhaps what is most memorable about the time I spent as her student, is her compassionate nature, and her generosity. Libby fulfills every responsibility of an excellent mentor and teacher. Her invaluable knowledge has been the greatest gift. Being her student is the greatest pleasure.”
Isabella Lewis

Art Student

“Can’t imagine being more blessed than to not only own a print by Elizabeth Reed, but to proudly display it in my yoga studio. And it could not be more appropriate. Every time my eyes rest on this drawing I am filled with awe at the talent, and execution. Breathtaking.”
Valeda Jennings

Mandala Yoga Studio

Accomplished artist and teacher!  

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity of working with Elizabeth (Libby) Reed for several painting classes.  Libby is a dedicated, consummate professional who truly knows her craft of painting and teaching.  She is patient, knowledgeable and extremely talented.  My knowledge of color theory and perspective in drawing has been dramatically accelerated thanks to Libby! 

Lisa Smolich

Interventionist, M. Ed, Gifted and Reading Endorsed, Sawgrass Elementary School

Practicing for Nyeopi in Bali

"Art hurts,

art urges voyages,

and it is easier to stay home."

Gwendolyn Brooks



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