Sneetches teach lessons about diversity

Lessons About Diversity Taught by The Sneetches

I read voraciously to my children when they were young. Dr. Seuss was my absolute favorite. The Sneetches envision prejudice and racism from the eyes of a child. Dr. Seuss makes prejudice look ridiculous. Here's how this children's story teaches lessons about...

Late Afternoon Light Elizabeth Reed capturing the spirit of people and places Spring Mental Weeding

Spring Mental Weeding – Regrets or What ifs?

Spring Mental Weeding Regrets or "What Ifs?"   “Walk lightly in the spring; Mother Earth is pregnant.” Native American Indian (Kiowa) Proverb   Spring Mental Weeding. Spring is the time for reflection, rebirth and new growth. Most of us are sick of working long...


Don’t Hang Up!…This is the Fire Department!

Don't Hang Up!...This is the Fire Department! Fire and IKIGAI   Yup. I invited my friends for chili and a fire-pit last Friday night. Hint: A great way to clean your house is to invite friends for dinner. My brilliant idea of starting the chili in the cast iron...

VAL-JENNINGS-oil-portrait-by-artist-Elizabeth-Reed-FACeADE-Project-A portrait of diversity

Thanksgiving – I See You!

Thanksgiving and the Declaration of Interdependence On Sunday morning, while I gathered my things for a 30-mile bike ride on AIA with my friend, Georgeta Fondos, I listened to “On Being” on NPR. Krista Tippett interviewed poet laureate Richard Blanco about his...

Lee Bontecou

The Influence of Lee Bontecou

The Influence of Lee Bontecou In 2005, my mom was always in the hospital. She had the good taste to go to Northwestern on the Northside of Chicago, spitting distance from The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago. Lee Bontecou's retrospective was exhibited while I...

self portrait-at-64-oil-painting-Commission a fine art portrait by-artist-Elizabeth-Reed

What is a Visual Biography?

How do we visually describe time? What compositional tools are the most effective? Time could be images laid in a “time” line. A linear composition would present images in order.

Practicing for Nyeopi in Bali

"Art hurts,

art urges voyages,

and it is easier to stay home."

Gwendolyn Brooks



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