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Practicing for Nyepi

Oil on Panel
16 x 20″

Painted from a photo of the children of Ubud, Bali practicing for the upcoming Nyepi celebration. Legong dancers open their eyes wide to simulate being in a trance. It was amazing watching these kids practice. I was going to miss Nyepi but saw the big “Ogogo” effigies being built for the parades. Giant monsters that are carried in the parades and burnt the night before Nyepi.
The people of Bali believe that evil spirits fly above the island at night during Nyepi. All lights are out, no electricity and only candles. The airports are closed. All this in hopes that the spirits would think that there was no one on the island and would fly away somewhere else.
Bali is beautiful.

Practicing for Nyeopi in Bali

"Art hurts,

art urges voyages,

and it is easier to stay home."

Gwendolyn Brooks



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