Tranquilla is a charcoal portrait by artist Elizabeth Reed


Charcoal on paper
15 x 22″

Tranquilla was started in a life drawing session in South Florida. My drawing tribe of friends was well-established. This pose moved me.

In 2013, I followed my former spouse to Italy on his marine salvage job. While traveling back to the States, I was fortunate to attend a workshop by David Jon Kassan at Jeruselum Studio School in Civita Castellana. His drawing influenced me, so I completed Tranquilla in my makeshift Italian studio.

If you have ever had a chance to live in Italy, you will agree with me on one thing. Everything looks better, tastes better, and is better in Italy. I was passionate about completing Tranquilla in Italy, but the “bones” are from South Florida.

Since this drawing, many of my fellow life drawing friends have moved, including myself. Just looking at Tranquilla brings fond memories of drawing with dear friends and experiencing the Italian love of life.

Practicing for Nyeopi in Bali

"Art hurts,

art urges voyages,

and it is easier to stay home."

Gwendolyn Brooks



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