Tee Time

Tee time Elizabeth Reed capturing the spirit of people and places

Oil on Board
8 x 10″

Tee Time is when we tee-off in a golf game. Today Tee Time is at 3 pm. The golf course is outside and safe. Go on! Go outside and pretend that life is almost normal! I particularly love the afternoon light at this particular Tee Time.
Painting small makes me look at detail from a different perspective. I focus on the whole and experiment with markings and paint strokes. The color of light and the motion of the strokes imply the detail.
Small paintings are wonderful paint therapy. About 3 hours of work from the screen. Then – a few touch-ups while keeping the spontaneity of the quick brush strokes. Laying down a lot of paint enhances the luscious looseness of the study. I get “out of my head” when I paint in this manner.
I sign into zoom with old friends – some who have moved away. Our artist’s community is well established. We are old creative friends – and it it is wonderful to touch base and work with everyone. We “critique” at the end – oooh and aaaah.
Well, the model may or may not golf on a regular basis. These days, what do we have to do to stay sane? Learn something new. Get better at a skill you put down in the past. Who knew our afternoons might feature a birdie, eagle or albatross? No, they don’t have wings!
It is an ACE (hole in one) to paint tee time in the afternoon. Tee time is that special time of day – the time the light glows. Watching the afternoon sun dissipate accentuates the passage of time. Time is upside down and backwards these days. And very surreal.
So go out and play golf at tee time. Enjoy the greens and fairways. If you make a DUFF (a bad shot), you can always do a MULLIGAN (a do-over.) You will get some well needed outside time full of sun and fresh air. You might have a lot of fun too!
Happy Tee Time!





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August 23, 2020

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